Weight-loss Challenge Progress

Stage 1 - 4 kg down!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Self restraint

This week I started the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

She has got a great website that takes you through all the necessary steps to sort out your demons for the best chance to lose weight. Saying that my body decided to pack it in the week of starting and hence my exercise is still not taking off.

For two days after exercising I am extremely fatigued, my muscles are stiff and ache. And not the good ache, my muscles actually refuse to work whilst doing simple things like cooking, getting dressed, cleaning, walking.

Luckily my home office set up is quite comfortable and I can continue with my thesis whilst feeling like my body is made of concrete. To meet my work pressures I was resorting to chocolate and take out food for convenience. I am now dealing with the consequences and it's an interesting world to live in. I have now made a conscious effort not to eat chocolate and include fresh fruit and veges in every meal - following the 12WBT plan. Experiencing a few hiccups already as a forgetful mind, tight budget and family emergency meant a few substitutions have been made. Thankfully it all seems to be working - there was a 4 week preseason period where I made changes to diet and started to exercise. 4 kg down already! I'm impressed because I was struggling to stop the gain. My comfort eating has now been replaced by bottles of water which I am happy to do as I have a wedding to look great at!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perth crits day 2

These photos were taken on my iphone and processed using the Instagram app (one of my favs)

Despite her best efforts, Emma Pooley could not shake the bunch. Various break attempts lasted a few laps but were chased down, leading to a final sprint. TIS outpowered the bunch to take 1st and 2nd, Pooley 5th.