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Stage 1 - 4 kg down!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Part II

A quick trip home to drop off Jebine and then back out again to visit the other half of the family. This arvo we were heading down to watch some basketball; Rockingham vs Stirling.

It was a nail-biter, Stirling (the blue team/our team) were down 20 points at quarter time. They were still down 1 point at 3/4 time but continued dominating the last half to win by about 7 points.

Mother's Day Part I

Dad was doing the ATTA Season Close TT @ Champion Lakes. I'd planned on meeting him pre-race for a warm up spin but only just made it in time to see him take off. I'm a bit hooked on the iphone app 'Hipstomatic' and tested out a few different settings today. There not the best for action photography but I'm still impressed.

Jeb was looking forward to the walk around Champion Lakes

Mouse working hard - as always keeping things running smoothly

The rowers were out this morning which meant the start/finish line was near the bridge today creating quite a cozy atmosphere with everything so close together

Dad crossed the line a few seconds away from his PB. Not a bad effort considering his just come back from 3 weeks in Europe!

Dad and I enjoying the 'post-race wave of goodness' - "Are jelly legs normal?"
Starting to look like a pro

Friday, May 7, 2010

Takin a break from the grumps

This is my view 9 to 5, mon to fri

My view waiting for the rest of the crew to show up Sat morn

The greeting I received from my naughty puppy who dug up my garden whilst out ridin'