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Stage 1 - 4 kg down!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

If memory serves me correctly...

I was looking forward to the Winter Track Grand Prix held on Sunday. I'd never been in better form on the track, and despite not racing on the track for quite a few months I thought now was my chance to have a real crack.

We had a 20 lap scratch race first up and when I hit the track, the bike felt funny but I had no time to worry about it because we were flying from the gun. I had forgotten how much dynamics change during a big race. Wheels chopped here and there, a few hairy moments, but mainly, track racing just hurts. I think Josie Tomic won the race from Sarah Kent, Amanda O'Connor 3rd, Bec Halliday 4th.
Photo: Peter Mah

Elimination next up, I was eliminated after thinking I had already been eliminated. This time Sarah Kent won over Josie and Mel Hoskins .

The Wheelrace - 6 laps to run from Anna Meares as we were joined by the AIS sprinters in this race. Bec was starting on 85m and I was on 90m. Sprinters were on scratch with Sarah K and Josie off 20m and Mel Hoskins off 40m. 1 lap down still hadn't caught anyone in front. 2 laps down and the sprinters joined by Plan B had caught us. They were going fast. I couldn't get on the back of the train and that was the end of my race. But, this did allow me to see Mel challenge Anna for the win. It was close, the crowd were trying to help get Mel over the line first but Anna took the win.

I have no idea what happened in the points. I tried to go with Josie in the first sprint but have never gone backwards so fast.

Next time I will remember not to kill myself the day before with some torturous climbs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Every second counts

WA State Individual Time Trial Championships - Dardanup

Since I started doing TTs in October last year, this event has been a goal of mine. I knew that I was a bit excited about this event when I realised that I'd arrived in Dardanup before half the juniors (who were starting 2 hours in front of Snrs).

I'd had great preparation coming into the TT, which I have to thank my coach, Lorraine Schutz for, even though I haven't always been thankful for her taking me to my limits. I'd also hired some zipps from hirespeedwheels.com and was really looking forward to testing them out.

To the start line and then off... Well, we had a slight tail wind for the start of the course and I tried to hold back a little as I have a tendency to go out hard and crawl home. I was on target at the 7 km mark but the last hill before the turn around threw me as I didn't pick the best gear to attack it with. I knew the hills weren't as steep on the way back and hit them hard, trying to stay out of the saddle as long as possible.

My parents were out on the course and informed me (by screaming and waving) that I'd lost time to Anna. I knew it must be pretty significant by their level of excitement/desperation. Well it worked, and spurred me on because whilst the home straight was more downhill than uphill and technically easy, it was deceptively hard. I thought that I would easily be able to hold 40+ in the last few kms, but squeezing it out was much harder than anticipated.

Once over the finish line, I knew I'd given everything. My HR was higher than any other TT and there was only one place where I thought I could have gone faster (that damn hill on the way out). I never made up all of the time lost to Anna, being beaten by 4s, but was still very happy to get my third bronze medal at a State Championship. Sarah Kent, like Luke Durbridge, is still proving to be unbeatable and took out the championship by well over a minute.

Full results here