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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anything can happen

Sometimes life moves at warp speed - so fast you can't see the path you are travelling until you arrive at your destination. Well I have arrived at my short-term destination and it is cozy. Anything can happen tomorrow and I look forward to the challenge...

the challenges continued...

Recent events have shaken me up a little so for a while I may be philosophical and ramble to help myself get through each day. It seems good timing that my aunt sent me some "Instructions for Life," and I want to share the first three instructions...

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

3. Follow the three R's:
-respect for self,
-respect for others, and
-responsibility for all your actions.

And I have to add, trust your instincts.

1 comment:

damnchickens said...

so what is your short term destination??? the coffee shop or back home under the doona???

good to have you out with us again today and you seemed to be keeping up well, especially as it was a very hilly course i picked.

shame i missed the middle bit.