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Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm sitting at work, bored, pondering. It's amazing how your concept of time changes in relation to what is going on. Like now, I can't wait for it to hit 5 so that I can go home. I should be making the most of it and catching up on all of the tasks that have been forgotten over the last couple of months.

Despite this year flying by I can't wait for next weeks news and I feel like a child waiting for Christmas at the moment, counting down the sleeps.

In other news I had a tumble on the track last night, silly really. I'm blaming it on Bec and Bella even though they were nowhere near me. Surely they planned it! It didn't get me out of the smash fest point scores DB had us doing though, despite my protests and tears.

1 comment:

Becstar said...

Haha hobbit Holly or was it hubbard Holly?
Always doing your bit to keep us entertained at training.
Get back to work slacker, after our efforts on Wednesday, your brain won't want to work so make the most of it.