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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snap, crackle, pop

I wish the popping sound was a breakfast bowl of rice bubbles but it wasn't, it was the sound of the elastic band holding me together snapping.

Sunday 17th May - Dardanup Open and State 60km Championship.

Linda Evans was right - when the distances are short it's going to be hilly. Last year I faired ok on this course, and although slightly modified I thought I would be ok this year. Except that the modifications to the course were either uphill or downhill and I didn't realise how much they would drag.
Fleet pre-race discussion and fuelling. The last time I smiled that day?
Photo: Lorraine Hartland

Sarah Kent is consistently demonstrating fine form and similar to Collie; put her foot down a third of the way in the race splitting the field into several groups. Again, I got to do some time-trial practice and overall didn't have the best day on the bike.

Sarah stayed away and had several minutes on the chase crew. Mel Hoskins won the sprint and Sarah-Jeanne Fraser took out third place. It was great to see SPR's Lorraine Hartland so close to the podium in fourth place.

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