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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy but exhausted

I have just finished my first conference of the tour, which has started in San Diego, CA. The weather is amazing - sunny, but not too hot. The conference has gone well, even though we have encountered a few minor speed bumps along the way.

The flight over from Australia is long, in all, it's about 24 hours from bed to bed. I was tempted by the movies on the long flight and probably watched too many rather than sleep. And then, all of the exciting things happened whilst I was asleep. Turns out that the guy sitting next to us had been down the back of the plane drinking with one of the other passengers. He was allegedly encouraging her to drink more than she probably should have and she ended up throwing up and requiring oxygen. I saw her when we landed and she didn't look too good. Hopefully she made it where she was meant to.

Our first day was pretty laid back, we did some shopping, relaxing and went out for some authentic mexican. The conference started on the second day and unfortunately jet lag had really kicked in by then and I hadn't gotten more than an hours sleep the night before. So it was tough and I felt like I was slurring my words but I got some encouraging feedback.

I had to run back to my room after lunch to nap because I was worried about falling off my chair during the other lectures. Needless to say, I slept well that night.

Today was the final day of the conference and I felt much more prepared to give a decent talk. My computer on the other hand, was not feeling as compliant and played up the whole way through. The audience handled it ok and again I got some good questions and feedback.

Tomorrow we're off to explore the city, do some shopping and try not to eat too much. Monday we're off to Chicago - one of my favourite cities!!

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