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Thursday, October 28, 2010

getting the teeth out

Ever since my dad started time-trialling I looked fwd to the day we would race together.

I've been making steady progress in the last 6 months. Work has been insane, but exciting. My PhD is 75% of the way there. 6 months ago it was 20% there so I have a real sprint to the finish line, but it's do-able.

So a quick update before I put my head back in the books.

The 2up TT held by ATTA late in October was the perfect opportunity for me to stretch the legs and challenge myself. Two months away from the event I was hardly riding, as riding results in my body shutting down and an inability to work without pain.

Two n a bit weeks out from the event - all those planned weekend sessions failing to happen - panic sets in and i set out to train.

Squeezed a few TT sessions with coach Lorraine and recovery with Bec just in time for the pre dawn wakeup call.

Managed to lose a sock before the ride, so I got stuck with dad's daggy sock - never mind booties covered it. We took off and held a good pace - staying lead bunny for nearly the whole lap. Went faster than we thought and I gave dad a taste of what suffering is about. Look fwd to seeing him slogging it in King's park soon.

Stay tuned for the latest outing with a famous Australian speedy sidekick! Have to wait for pic - glad to get the teeth out again

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