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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dreaming up pyramid schemes

I have found training this last week quite hard. One of our regular sessions is pyramids - this involves going flat out for a set period of time (1 minute or lap) and then resting before gradually increasing the length of the effort. You keep increasing the length of the efforts to a maximum and gradually reduce the efforts to your start point. Basically, a lot of suffering.

What I find the worst about these efforts is my timing - there must be quite a few people in Perth wondering what the hell is wrong with that girl in lycra - as I normally ONLY pass people on the cycleway right after I've finished an effort. Did they see how far or how fast I was pushing to get in that state? No, they only see me crawling along, drooling, wheezing and in tears. You almost want to stop and explain that you're not really unfit, only slightly unfit and actually, I have just been flogging my guts out.

These sessions must be really getting to me as I've now started to do efforts in my dreams. I wonder whether or not my legs are moving, could I be getting stronger in my sleep? One can only hope - or dream...

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