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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready for Round 2

Why is it that a rest/recovery week goes so fast? At the end of our week off we met with our coach - you should always be worried if the coach has a smirk on her face when handing you the next round of training!! There are some intense sessions and long weeks ahead of us. It's also 'funny' that my work deadlines seem to coincide with major races, resulting in me being flat out at work and on the bike at the same time - not an ideal situation. Next big race - State Champs and that night I fly to the US to give various presentations. It's not all bad because I'll be holidaying afterwards!

Sunday we entered the Peter Clark Memorial race in Wangara, a bit of a pot luck race, only 1 week after the TdP. But, most of the girls who entered had also had light weeks and sore legs as they too had entered the TdP. Our main concern was the late registrant, Sarah Fraser. I think she may have been opting for the, I'll wait and see who enters or I'll wait and see if it rains, before committing. Well, committment is probably the wrong word because she pulled out in the first half of the race by jumping onto the back of B grade. After that there were a few attacks that got hauled in. Cherie Bonasera dragged the bunch around for the second half of the race and put a few surges in on the last lap. It wasn't enough to shake up the group and the race finished in a bunch sprint. I attacked at the bottom of the hill and got away for the win!!!

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