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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The hills are alive....

I had been dreading the Dardanup Open as I heard that there were quite a few hills to get over including the infamous Gnomesville. I don't know if the course was changed but the hills weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be - although I did get dropped on the long climb during the second lap.

The women started with C grade despite having 10 women registered - is this a new record? The usual suspects raced; Sarah, Bec Armstrong, Mel Hoskins, Davina, Cherie, Tracy Ober, Danielle, Linda Evans, Clare and I. The pace was reasonable but not as high as I thought it might have been. Bec attacked early in the race and stayed away for at least one lap. The girls took control and increased the pace in the second lap - on the climbs, which is when I got dropped. I didn't panic and worked with Linda Evans, Clare and a couple of guys from C grade. We got back on to the main bunch on the home straight - less than 10km from the finish. Just before we got onto the main bunch Sarah got away, one of the guys bridged acrossed to her and that was it. I took a few turns to help D catch her but had just worked to get on the bunch and was a little reluctant, with none of the other girls willing to play.

I wasn't sure i was going to make the sprint, there were a couple of really strong surges that almost got me. In the sprint I knew not to go too early. I was lucky to get on Keith Gills wheel, he finished strongly in Albany and I thought could be a good lead out guy. I went when Mel Hoskins went but she had great acceleration. For some reason I clicked to a harder gear but with the wind it was too much and I never got over the top of it. Luckily for me, Linda Evans was blocked in and I held on for third.

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