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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a very long weekend...

Who said travel was fun?

My very long weekend started with packing, planning and getting organised for the State
Champs and then flying out. My legs had not been their usual happy chappys and my mind was all over the place.

Going into the Road race I was a little bit skeptical of making the distance. This is the worst mindset to have for a race especially when you have 114km to ride. One of the main reasons I am writing this blog is to be accountable and start to become more conscious (long story but Ellen Degeneres knows what I'm talking about). Aim 1: Get rid of negative thoughts. Aim 2: Aim to win. Aim 3: Win and win again.

Anyway back to the race, I tried to ignore my leg pains but on the surges I felt like I could not push as hard as I have been and I was limiting myself because my legs didn't feel right. This has emphasised a few training lessons Lorraine has been trying to teach me so I'll have to look forward to testing out my legs when I get back. It seems i have done something to my leg as I am still in pain when I do certain movements - walking, lunges, riding, sitting!

So back to the race, I got dropped straight after we turned around (SF attacked in the overtaking lane - should have expected it) I got back on because apparently not everyone was working in 'the break' which I am thankful for. Nadine was also in the chasing group with me and found some energy to attack and get away soon after we rejoined the group - gutsy. Thereafter the attacks were constant until Bec Armstrong also got off the front. This meant that Sarah and Mel had someone out the front and no reason to work. Again I took turns but didn't like to because it seemed Mel or Sarah would attack during my turn. My legs were not up to the surging. I finally blew up with 20km to go and you know - it didn't even take an attack that was trying to shake the non-workers. I dropped seconds befor Linda Evans and Sue Johnstone but was pretty shattered physically and mentally and couldn't bridge to them.

Overall, it was not a fun race. There is some nastiness in the air at the moment and starting the race grumpy and hurt doesn't help you deal with or ignore this. I hate the phrase "that's racing" but unfortunately it is exactly that - racing - and I need to start wanting the win as much as everyone else. This is not the first time that I have felt like I expect too much. I really need to make some decisions and reality checks.

I apologise for this messy and grumpy post but I have had a very hectic couple of days. I flew Perth to Tokyo and was delayed leaving Tokyo which meant I missed my connecting flight from LA to Sacramento. After an unexpected night in LA I am safe now in Roseville, CA. Less can be said about my mobile phone :( hopefully I have happy updates about that soon!

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Beck Armstrong said...

For what its worth, I reckon you have improved a lot and are riding really well. Enjoy your trip, your legs will feel better..

The Bear said...

sending love - the mobile/skype free way ...