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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ready to rumble

No, I did not watch any pro-wrestling in the States. But I am ready to get back into training.

It is nice to be home and Clare commented as she walked through the door, "This is a nice hotel." Something that couldn't be said for every hotel we came across. After detonating the bombs that were our suitcases, we hit the road for the track to see the CS Grand Prix. Big names like Josie Tomic, Travis Meyer, Graeme Brown, the New Zealand National Team, and of course some very talented locals, meant that we were in for some exciting racing. Watching TM and GB was quite nerve wracking as they squeezed through what seemed like non-existent gaps, skated on the green and I don't know how they stayed upright. The big news was the unveiling of WA's new WAIS Plan B team which includes WA's top riders and the Olympic rower, Sally Robbins. It will be interesting to watch how these guys go nationally and should give WA more of a chance to get results. Hopefully they won't use to many local races for trying out team tactics as Plan B contains half of the women's field.

Also, whilst I was away two new jerseys arrived; "The State Road Series Leader" (the title was unfortuantely lost whilst I was away) and "The fat cyclist jersey" will post pics soon.

I'm arranging pics this week to upload - try not to get too jealous :)

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Davina Summers said...

Congratulations on your leaders jersey- how very awesome!