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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grand Prix des 'Gents'

After experiencing my first serious solo TT last weekend I was psyched up for the 2up Time Trial run by ATTA down at Mundijong. i learned before the race that Davina had broken her arm the day before and would not be competing. I am really sorry for her and Bec and was looking forward to the challenge of racing them.

Again, before I knew it we were off. I took the lead at the start but when Bella pulled through I got a little bit worried that I wouldn't be able to hold her wheel. The mental games were tough. I found it difficult to find a rhythm tand only really felt good on the back straight. The wind felt pretty dreadful on the home straight but was ok. There were also a few interesting moments bouncing around on the bumpy road. The finish line didn't seem to come quick enough and I was totally wrecked at the end. Anna and Sally came back beaming from their effort after a few hiccups before the race resulting in Anna having to borrow a rear wheel. It was a close call but Bella and I took the win from Anna and Sally with both teams breaking the previous record.

Two time trials and two course records to defend? I have never done well under pressure so I guess I have to work on that after I make friends with the hills.

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