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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's always a fight with your headspace, sometimes you want to win

ATTA Shenton Park TT 17km - Sunday 13th September

It seemed so long since I'd done a Time Trial, but at the same time, I didn't feel ready to do my next one. I've been losing the TT headspace battle recently so I saw Shenton Park as an opportunity to go out and have fun. If you know the course you may think that I'm losing a different battle - sanity. Shenton Park is difficult because it is half uphill and the worst climb is the shortest. The straights are short and one of the turns has a nice bump in it that can get the adrenalin pumping if you hit it wrong. Since Geelong I've been finding my bike love again and I'm finally feeling a bit of fitness.

The weather Sunday wasn't exactly motivating but luckily the skies cleared as riders were starting. Most people that know me, or have seen the back of my car, will know that I am not a very organised person and leave most things to the last minute. This saw me changing brake pads in the middle of my warm up and the usual running around like a headless chook. Unlike my last TT though, I was at the start line on time.

The roads were still wet on my way to the start line, but after getting over the initial shock of cold water in the socks it was fine. The roads were even starting to dry up by the time I was finishing.

I managed to find a rhythm fairly quickly this time and was attacking the climbs rather than being attacked by them. I was playing cat and mouse with Roger Hales for a lap, he passed me on the second climb but I caught him at the corner, only for him to take off on the last climb. I then caught him at the next corner only to say goodbye to him in the straight up Brookdale. It was good to have a little rabbit to encourage me to push harder. Whatever it was, it worked and my time was a PB by almost a minute. I was happy and am now feeling a little more confident going into the State Team Time Trial this weekend.

Full results here

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