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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Am I ready to come back?

It dawned on me (in the shower) that my health has improved hugely in the last two weeks. We'll never know exactly what it was that helped with the improvement. Was it simply time, or the handfuls of multi-vitamins, probiotics, good food, fish oil, good rest, sleep herbs, chinese herbs, oil tinctures and catnip, caffeine or riding my bike. Maybe the latest Ride will have some answers - I posed a question to them and am looking forward to seeing how they respond!

Then I realised that even if I wanted to train 20 hours a week I simply don't have those 20 hours to spare! Phew ! Coz I'm enjoying 'life' at the moment and am not ready to go back into race mode.

Back to why I *can't* train 20 hours a week -I'm in a different race, not on the road, on paper. yikes! I've got less than 2 months to finish the dreaded thesis. We're getting there! Progress has been made. Looking forward to sending it off though. Better get back to it then.

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