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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where is Holly

I am here behind my computer, in bed, at work or in the gym*.
I am several hundred steps away from getting my life back. That is submitting my PhD thesis.

But, as I have already taken several thousand steps, relatively speaking the end is not that far away.

Why is it taking so long. Perfectionism, motivation, health, focus, understanding new concepts involves time-consuming tasks, rechecking, comparing, reading and re-reading previous studies for perspective....

Doing a thesis is like driving to a distant town, without a map. With some idea of the direction, there are times when you pick the wrong road or hit a pothole. Then the tyre goes flat or you run out of petrol. But you fix the car, go back to where you came from and try again. Eventually I will arrive at my destination.

In the real life**, a friendly police officer informed me this evening that my brake lights were out. Luckily no fine or work order.

Yes I am here, I am in the midst of planning many new exciting things and will be back soon. xx

* Current favourite class Sh'Bam!
** My brother and I bought our sister an Angry Birds game "To play in the real life!" Which I hope she is enjoying without losing study time.

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