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Monday, March 9, 2009

BRW Corporate Triathlon

If you search the results of the BRW Corporate Tri Sprint event held in Perth on the weekend you won't find my name. That's because I was replacing the best man and I tried to take that literally. "One wheel Matt" was off playing weddings and I got to enter my first triathlon with the Plant Energy Biology team! It was a sprint event, I was doing 10km on the bike but I knew the run to and from the bike leg that was going to kill me.

Despite the very early rise time it was nice to be up and about to watch the sunrise. The team were super organised and excited about the day.

First up for my team was the crazy Frenchman Olivier in the 400m swim
He was not joking around after the swim leg though and made a very quick return to the transition area with a time of 9 min 16s
I got to run with my bike, a new experience and not far down the road felt the effects of it. Luckily the wind was behind me allowing me to recover a little
The ride was awesome although 10km can still hurt. The run back in to transition was the toughest as you can see I'm not as happy on the way back. Time of 18 min 48s (fastest sprint time)
Michelle took over from me to do the 4km run. Time 19 min 53s
Overall, our team came 5th in the Corporate Mixed Division, not bad! Lisa Wood's team came in third just ahead of us.

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Davina Summers said...

Awesome job, the pain the run would have caused is making me cringe right now.
it looks like fun!