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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends with big heads

For the last half of last week I had the pleasure of attending a Time Trial Specific training camp in Melbourne with some of the AIS crew Bridie "Levi" O'Donnell, Carlee "Indi" Tayler, Peta "Mouth" Mullens, Amber "Amy Gillet Scholarship holder" Halliday; all of the Fleet Girls; Bec, Anna and Davina and NTID talent from across the country Jessamy "mountain runner" Hosking, Imogen "bicycle ballerina" Vize, Jo "ironwoman" King , Bronwyn "star spotter" Ryan and Carly "powerpack" Light.

We had the pleasure of being measured from head to toe. Guess who had the biggest head? For clues see below. We then proceeded to be tortured by some sports scientists, thanks Andy, with some 2 and 10 minute all out efforts. I wanted to run for the hills. It wasn't that bad in the end! The pain stops when it's gone.

Friday we were lucky enough to be blown away by Monash University's Wind Tunnel. I unfortunately, am not very aerodynamic and have affectionately been termed a brick! I think it's a good excuse to get massaged more regularly and get on my own bike so that I can get in a better, more aerodynamic position. FYI, all of the other Fleet girls are BLADES - so watch out as they come slicing past you.

Saturday and Sunday were the real highlights, hanging out with the AIS and NTID girls, Martin Barrass and other National coaches; getting to ride the potential World Championship course and shopping (I wish!). Other unforgettable moments were hearing about Anna Wilson's climb to the top and her experiences on the world circuit and seeing how many bikes/people could fit in a very small, slow lift.

Had to pass the time somehow....


Davina Summers said...

I cannot stop laughing at these photos...classic!

Caffeine Queen said...

And I thought there was no one with a bigger head than me!!! (anatomically speaking)
Seems like I have competition ;-)

Are you still waiting for results?


PS I agree with D about those very flattering pics... hehehe

la bambola said...

Unfortunately, at this stage, I don't have what they are looking for. Will have to work a bit harder and try again later!!