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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Champion Lakes

A new Champion was crowned on Sunday, when Bella King smashed the previous record (my record!) for the 20km TT course out at Champion Lakes. This course used to be my favourite but I'm starting to think I've lost my love for it, don't worry, it'll come back! The wind was definitely out, but unlike the previous days we'd been out here, the wind was gusty and strong on the long back straight. Every lap it felt like the wind had picked up, to the point where I felt like I was crawling on the last lap. Luke Durbridge came flying past me in the third lap and as he'd started 3 minutes behind me I was happy I lasted that long in front of him. He continued to gain time though and finished about 6 minutes faster than me! Whilst I might be aiming for a 40km/hr average (Bella was soo close!) it seems like the boys are aiming for a 50km/hr average. Full results here. I ended up finishing 3rd behind Bella and Mel Hoskins.

In non-cycling news, I had a very flattering comment published recently regarding a paper that I wrote with my supervisor. I guess it is also cycling news because we illustrated some of our points by referring to cycling and in particular, Lance Armstrong, which has provoked some further interest and comments.

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