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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back on the bike

Well, some of you may be ready to say "Where the bloody hell are you?" Whilst others may have said it so long ago they've stopped thinking it.

Enough already.

I have re-entered the world, one step at a time (literally), since getting sick over 4 months ago!

Recovery is a bitch. But without your health, you really don't have much I have found. So, whilst I have been watching my biking colleagues travel around the world, I am rejoicing leaving the house!

Priorities have changed as 4 months of my life were literally smooshed. Right now, I'm focusing on finishing my PhD, starting my career in the lab and getting my little house together. In my free time I'm planning a wedding (late next year), riding my bike, and recovering some more. My body still aches and aches after any sort of effort which is a little disheartening. Slowly, slowly. Looking forward to my SPR kit coming soon as I am out of bike gear after a few debacles, *food* being one of them!!!

Good luck to my dad who is competing in his first 40km TT this Sunday. Go DAD!@!

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