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Stage 1 - 4 kg down!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Take care of yourself

Two days worth of supplements equals quite a hefty handful.

Armed with confusion and frustration, I have taken to trying every remedy besides witchery. I took this photo when making a pack of supplements to take to work with me. Bianca is sure there are more and I think she's right. I'm confident in the fish oil and multivitamins, and everything else is there just in case. Can't forget my mood supplements - choc + icecream. The other vitamins include; Thompson's Immunofort, Rose-Hip Vital, CoQ10, vitamin C and magnesium.

I can't say this week has been the most progressive recovery week. Energy wise - the mornings are always the hardest and the toughest. Quite a few mornings weren't very pretty but I made it to work every day and I'm a few baby steps closer to finishing my thesis.

Coffee is my next best friend right now and I truly do not function without it in the morning. I have to be careful though - I'm banned from having more than 2 cups a day - if I have too much caffeine I tend to overdo it with 'fake' energy and eventually become more unstuck.

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