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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bibra Lake 16

To me, the Bibra Lake 16 seems like one of the most popular races in the ATTA calendar. It was another opportunity for me to try and break the 40km/hr mark and with the right conditions was definitely possible. I'd checked out Sarah Kent's record the night before and was aiming to hit her split times. After the first half lap I was a bit concerned that I'd gone out too hard. I held on during the second lap but the wind in the second half of the lap was a killer. I stayed focus for 95% of the race which seems like a record for me. I was hungry for a win today.

A win was not to be. Two girls were travelling faster, Michaela Anderson (7s) and Clare McLean (4s). None of us managed to break 40km/hr, I missed out by 12s!

Full results here

I feel like my aero position has slightly improved after some last minute changes but still could be better. A huge thanks to Liz King for the booties, whilst they're not everyone's cup of tea, I love them!

Have just picked myself up off the floor after being put in a coma after my hills ride with the girls and now I'm off to finish my Easter shopping. Enjoy your Easter, ride safe.

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