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Monday, April 27, 2009

Death Valley Time Trial

Saturday's crit had left a bad taste in my mouth. I had stuffed up the sprint and was off the podium. Sunday I was backing up the crit with a time trial in the hills. It's a well known fact that it has taken a while for me to make friends with the hills and I was nervous. I woke before my alarm and was packed an in the car in record time. I had checked the list 3 times and knew I had everything I need to ride the time trial. Everything except the money to pay for the entry fee!! Thanks to Liz Leyden I was able to scrounge together the entry fee and was now locked in to race.

After a brief warm up I headed off to the start line, or should I say up to the start line. The hills were already hurting, it was going to be a long day at the office. Sitting at the start line we could see the first hill of the day, except I couldn't remember seeing it on the profile because you only see the big ones on the profile. It was a tough day but I stayed upright and enjoyed the downhills. There were a few hills towards the end of O'Brien Rd that had a real bite to them but I coped ok with most of them.

As the times started to get posted I was nervous as to how my hill climbing buddies had gone. Bec got me this time by 21 s and I was happy that I had managed to minimise the damage. My only problem then was the second lap I had to do with the girls.

1. Rebecca Halliday 1.19.20
2. Holly McClellan @ 0.21
3. Anna Kauffmann @ 1.18
4. Lorraine Schutz @ 3.01
5. Liz Leyden @ 5.19
Full results here

Bring on recovery week!

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