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Monday, April 13, 2009

Wandi 20km TT

I've only just started to appreciate backing up. Basically, this involves smashing yourself one day and then smashing yourself again the next day with no recovery in between. It looks like a few coaches have used the Easter long weekend to get their athletes to hurt themselves as much as possible before going back to work, to rest.

We were out at Wandi for Easter monday. Luckily, it is not in my best interest to do an 80km TT at the moment, so rather than compete in the ATTA championship, we were lucky enough to be able to complete just 2 laps of the course. Played around a bit with gear ratios and pedalling styles today to see what would happen. It's hard to say exactly what the difference or benefits were because I think I would have been in pain no matter what gear was chosen.

I felt like I was on the verge of cracking for the last 15km of the course. The only reason I felt good for the start was because of the massive tailwind down Wandi Rd which meant that even in my hardest gear I was spinning. The aim was to come home hard, try to blow up but hold on and I think I succeeded. There were a few points on the course that I was a bit concerned about overdoing it but I think that's how I need to race otherwise I conserve too much.

Coming out of the last bend I really wanted to power home and got out of the saddle. About two strokes later, sunglasses falling off, drool dripping down my face and just not looking pretty in general I was snapped by a very eager looking photographer. Not looking forward to seeing those snaps! I know, I know, TTs are not about looking pretty. Anyway, shortly after the start of my power surge I realised how far there was to the finish. Yikes - I quickly reassessed and made sure I didn't take it to a full sprint because I definetly would have died before the line. Luckily there were no photographers on the line, I'm sure Mouse had a bit of a chuckle.

After a short recovery Bec and I crawled home. I showered, ate and then proceeded to sleep until dinner time. My brain has still not recovered.

Jess Allen managed the fastest female time for the 20km, this time by 20s. I came out on top of the Fleet girls and it's good to see we've got a bit of friendly rivalry going on at the moment, and we're all hungry to beat each other.

Full results here


Becstar said...

Who said anything about it being a friendly rivalry? I meant what I said when I mentioned about sabotaging you before the next TT, seems like it will be only the only way to beat you these days.
Payback will come in tomorrow's session......

Davina Summers said...

drool, snot, nothing pretty...I love it.
Well done.