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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stan Gurney Memorial

If I had to pick my least favourite course to race in Perth, unfortunately, this would be it. Today's criterium course was basically a hotdog with an S bend in the middle of it. Both U-bolts were tight but it was the roundabout that took today's one and only casualty, with Clare Mclean sliding out shortly into the race. The race was tough and because of the tight u-turns it was very difficult for anyone to get away. Sarah Kent was the only one to really get away from the bunch but her attack was short lived. Jess Allen was also very active within the group, keen to get away. I tried to be active early on but failed to get away. I was then in defensive mode as Sarah and Jess kept the pace high for most of the race.

Photo by Troy Coulthard

The real race dramas came with 2 laps to go, when a very strung-out B grade began to pass us. On an already tight course there was some interesting passing going on. Whilst everyone managed to get past and away just after we got the bell, we soon started to gain on them as the pace picked up for the sprint. Sarah Kent took charge early with Jess Allen on her wheel. I was following Bec and in fourth wheel, not exactly where I'd planned to be going into the final straight. I lost some distance on them coming out of the roundabout and wasn't able to make it up. It didn't help that we were catching B grade. Hopefully next year the U-turn will be past the finish line and not on it. It's an interesting experience braking before you hit the finish line to avoid T-boning someone.

1. Sarah Kent
2. Jessica Allen
3. Rebecca Halliday
4. Holly McClellan
5. Liz Leyden

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