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Monday, January 19, 2009

The accidental mind

I wish I understood my brain. But, I do understand that my brain controls my body and my feelings change my thoughts that then control my actions. Yes, I need to learn to clear my mind pre-race.

Friday night Track Racing: I got off to a good start in the scratch race but I missed the final move and had to work hard from the back of the bunch. Came home strong but 4th.
After 1 slightly good race everything seemed to go downhill. In the keirin I had a plan which didn't work because the motorbike took off much slower than I exected. To be a good bike racer I need to be adaptable, and I am, just not in the right way. My change in plans had me sitting in the wind for the entire race trying to hold position near the front. I decided not to go with the move (why I don't know) and was buggered when I actually did try to go. Apparently I am not the only one to do this kind of thing. The elimination wasn't any better I felt knackered and didn't have anything. Sprinting every lap is pure evil.

Sunday Crit Day
My legs were shattered on Saturday (too much real life Friday) and so I was apprehensive about how they would go in the crit. I had 2 aims for this last crit before the Perth Crits; a) stay in the front half of the pack, b) get in a break. I had Lorraine in the back of my head telling me to race harder and a few other mottos about decision making. Very early in the race I had made my way to the front of the pack. I was careful not to be on the front but I was 3rd/4th wheel for a while. I went with a few attacks but nothing really stuck. With such a large bunch on such a flat course it was unlikely that a break would stay away. But I was here for the training and not the glory so it was good to test my legs with the accelerations and cornering. I trust myself so much more when cornering - others not so much. After a few attacks had been attempted my legs were suffering from the accelerations, soon I was going backwards. I got back into the bunch, well onto the back of the bunch. Not where I wanted to be. After recovering for a while I had another play at the front before again being spat out towards the back. This week I tried to move closer to the front earlier for the finish but again, some scary cornering in front and around of me limited my progress. The final turn was hairy as well and I finished behind the main sprint.

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sage tout en sachant mère said...

I so totally agree with the mind and feelings in control of the body. If you change the way you think you can change the way you feel and the way your body responds. If you change the way you feel you can change the way you think and the way your body responds. I use loud fast beat, up tempo music to change the way I feel physically and emotionally. It gets this lazy, tired old body going on days when it should stay in bed, but it works. Along with taking the first step; it is the hardest. Twenty years ago I paid hundreds of dollars to be told about the connection between mind, emotion and body. It still works. I walked on fire to overcome my challenges. Fear is in the mind, as is fear of failure.
I am learning to fly. I am not afraid of crashing, more afraid of making a mistake and not being perfect; I have to overcome that fear, but my best learning happens when I make a mistake. I don't do it again.
Dad says just pedal faster. I say get the head right, the body will follow as best it can.