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Monday, January 5, 2009

What not to eat

ATTA - The Lakes/Inkpen (Hilly) TT 46km

I was not looking forward to this time trial. Compared to my favourite courses (Champion Lakes, Freeway) The Lakes is hilly, although they are mainly gentle undulations there is one long climb (3km) to start. Luckily, because it was out and back it meant that the home straight was going to be fast. A mental challenge for me - because I'd not been riding crash hot and I have a fear of hills.

Come race day I was excited. The only problem was that I'd knocked out the plug to my alarm in the middle of the night and so in the morning when I was wondering why I felt so awake before the alarm had gone off it was because I'd actually slept in. Aggghhh. So my pre-race plan and timetable was thrown out the window. Clothes were chucked on and the bike and food was thrown in the car. I still had a red bull in the fridge and felt like I needed it. I also prepared a new concoction of protein and carbs in milk to consume in the car.

I left the house at a reasonable time but it felt like forever before I got to the course. After getting a hitchhikers hopes up at the The Lakes I found the rest of the TTers and warmed up. I'd drunk my red bull and choc milk in the car and wasn't feeling too good on the bike. Spoke to D about my crook guts but thought it could be nerves as I wanted to do well.

Once again, before I knew it my warm up time was over, except this time I missed my start time! I started 30s late and a little under-psyched. Oh well, maybe it was for the best because it didn't take long (metres) before the first climb started. I'd done a recon on the course and thought I had some idea of what to expect but I was wrong. The climb was long but I was coping well. I was struggling to get my HR above 160, despite the fact that 3 mins in I'd vomited. Glamourous sport really. The vomit continued but settled by the turn-around. My family were out taking photos and I've learnt a little bit about pacing because of it. When I noticed them watching I wanted to go faster but as soon as I passed them I realised what a mistake it was and suffered. I didn't do it on the way back.

The return was nicer in that there was more down hill than up but still a few little surprises. I watched the record tick away but was happy to be within reach of it. I ended up with a time of 1:20:17 (Ave HR 172, Max 186) and am unsure of whether or not that is adjusted for my late start. Scarily, Davina's crank detached itself from her bike halfway through the race leaving her stranded until the knight in shiny lycra, Andrew Mackie, came along and reattached it. She lost a few minutes because of this but still romped it home to take the win ahead of Kate Bevilaqua and then myself.

I've learnt not to mix red bull and milk pre race. Sounds stupid in print I know. I think Rebecca learnt that real life (a day at the races) and TTs don't really mix.

Female Results:
1. Davina Summers 1:19:26
2. Kate Bevilaqua 1:19:29
3. Holly McClellan 1:20:17
4. Sally Robbins 1:20:49
5. Rebecca Halliday 1:26:56

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