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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Perth Crits - Stage 2 Leederville
Well, it's a little nerve racking wearing the Leader's jersey! However, I was pretty excited because it meant I was back in PINK!
Bec Halliday attacks the bunch

Our team had a quick tactic check before the race, with the most important tactic being be adaptable. It didn't take Sally long to get off the front although the bunch never let her get too far away. Plan B were working very well to cover any attacks to get across to her and were also doing a good job of keeping the pace down in between attacks. When I realised there was less than 5 minutes left to go I knew I had to do something. Bec had been working hard covering Plan B as well as chasing Sally, and feeling like a bit of a princess in pink, I knew it was time to snap back into action. I did a bit to increase the pace before Bec took over to take us home. A little bit of inexperience on our team's part meant that Bella forced me off Bec's wheel. Unsure of what to do I waited patiently as Bec was gaining on Sally. Davina attacked way earlier than I had anticipated but luckily I was able to go with her.

Lucky I did because the attack was meant to drag Bella to the front. We caught up with Sally on the corner who did a marvelous job of sweeping for Davina, however, after spending so long out the front couldn't match my sprint. Great result for Team Fleet and a special thanks to the girls again for having faith and working so hard to protect our position in the series. Unfortunately Davina will wear pink in Vic Park. Will history repeat?

Leederville Criterium Open Women
1. Davina Summers
2. Holly McClellan (Fleet Elite)
3. Sally Robbins
4. Bella King
5. Bec Halliday (Fleet Elite)
Stage 2 Podium

GC after Stage 2 (unofficial, on countback)
1. Davina Summers 20 points
2. Holly McClellan 20 points
3. Bec Halliday 12 points
4.Bella King 11 points
5. Sally Robbins 8 points
6. Sam Wood 8 points

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