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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A very big thankyou

I'm afraid that I may have taken my coach, Lorraine Schutz for granted. Not only does Lorraine put in a lot of time and effort writing programs for us, but she listens to our whinging, sets us straight and had us well and truly prepared for the crits. Like I've said many times before, last year I was lapped on all bar one of the courses at the perth crits and this year with the help of Lorraine things were very different.

So, thankyou Lorraine, for taking me to my limits, teaching me how to jump in and relocating my head when necessary.

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Becstar said...

I agree. Thank you Lorraine for all of your advice, patience and belief in us.
Although we may mutter your name in disgust during those power sessions, we are truly grateful for your help.