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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Real life activities

Real life is exhausting! Not that I'm complaining about having a few days off the bike but I seem to be more tired now than before.

My real life escapades involved a trip to Busselton for Southbound a 2 day camping music festival. My goal was not to get fried or dehydrated and have some fun.

It was good cross-training!! If Patience, the lead singer from The Grates, hadn't slipped and hurt her ankle during her set I would have suggested she try cycling. She has so much energy and didn't stop jumping the whole time she was on stage (until she fell, yikes)

Tegan & Sara were the highlight for me but Architecture in Helsinki, Santogold, Blue King Brown, Sharon Jones and The Grates were also favourites.

Hope you manage to experience real life as well.

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